Wednesday, 19 June 2013

South Africa in Brazil 2014

Over the weekend South Africa went up against Ethiopia in a Fifa 2014 World Cup Qualifier match. It was a tough match and unfortunately South Africa lost to Ethiopia 1-2. South Africa needed to win this match to be able to get into the 2014 Soccer World Cup Finals in Brazil.

Later it was discovered that Ethiopia used an ineligible player and were to be docked 3 points. This gave South Africa a small chance of getting into the World Cup next year. But it seems that it is not the first time that Ethiopia have done this.

In the June 8th match against Botswana, Ethiopia used ineligible player Minyahile Beyene. Beyene was yellow carded for two prior World Cup Qualifier matches. This means that SA now stand a far better chance of getting to the World Cup Finals. Ethiopia will now be docked 6 points. Technically SA could have gunned for a draw against Ethiopia and stood a strong chance in the last round for the qualifiers in September.

Gordan Igesund shows promise that he is capable of moving Bafana Bafana in the right direction, but getting the team to play well is only part of the journey to the World Cup. South Africa need to pick up their political and analytic skills as well to get them to the finals. So far luck is on our side.

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