Sunday, 18 November 2012

Arena Amazonia

Deep in the Amazon rain forest is situated on of the host cities to the Brazil 2014 Soccer World Cup, Manaus. Here you will find the Arena Amazonia, which is the refurbished Vivaldao. It's brilliant and unique design will rival that of Durban's Moses Mabida Stadium.

The capacity of the stadium will be 42377, relatively small compared to the 2010 stadia, but is said to be remarkable tourist attraction as well due to its location near the rivers Negro and Solimoes. These rivers have each have a different colour, one is dark and the other is brown or muddy, they run side by side without mixing and will be definitely be worth seeing.

The Arena Amazonia will have restaurants and other social attractions, as well as it's very own monorail. The population of Manaus is just over 2 million, so this will be an exciting time for them and I'm sure the locals will be great hosts to the thousands of tourists that they will receive during the 2014 World Cup.

Here we have the Arena Amazonia under construction.

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